Update Time:2023-03-24

1、When was NCI founded?

New China Life was incorporated in Beijing on August 20th, 1996. Its inaugural meeting was held in the Great Hall of the People on September 6th, which marked the official operation of the company.

2、What is the market share of the company?

According to the data published by the NAFR, the gross written premium (adjusted by Interpretation No.2) achieved by the company in 2022 totaled 163.099 billion yuan with a market share of 4.9%.

3、How much is NCI’s registered capital?

The company’s registered capital is RMB 3,119,546,600.

4、What does NCI’s business cover?

The company's business covers: life insurance products denominated in RMB or foreign currencies (including various types of life insurance, health insurance and accident insurance); underwriting, updating, claims settlement and other services for insurers both home and abroad; insurance consulting; asset management in accordance with regulations; other business approved by the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission. The company provides products and services such as life insurance, accident insurance and health insurance to individual and institutional customers in China. In addition, the company also manages and deploys the insurance funds, mainly through its asset management subsidiaries.

5、What is the company's strategic objective?

The company's strategic goal is striving to become China's best financial service group with core business in comprehensive life insurance by grasping the historic opportunity provided the rapid development of China's life insurance market. The company formulated development strategy according to the guiding principle of "customer-centered service, grasping historical opportunity of urbanization and aging, a sustained and stable growth of existing business, innovation and revolution, holding onto to the value and the essence of insurance".

6、How to find the company's annual report or performance reports?

The official annual report and performance reports can be found on the Investor Relations channel of the company's website.